Saturday, January 11, 2014

Famous Last Words

No.  I have not been taking pictures.  I have been uninspired, and for some time now, it would appear.  But today I got out the camera and started charging the battery.  I got out my gear bag and cleaned out the junk.  I did a little reading up on photography basics.  I'm going to give it another go.

You see, things are kind of crappy right now in the general life category, and I find that having something to focus on outside of all of that makes it seem not so bad.  So, having said that, look for some new things from coming soon.

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  1. Sara this is truly pathetic. You are just talking to yourself every couple years about how much your life sucks. I tried to keep you as a friend but you picked the people who are now not supporting you at all. What's that saying about karma being a bitch? :) Your EX dear friend TOMMY P.


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